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GLK 2009 Puerto Rico Trip
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What is there to say about the GLK Puerto Rico trip? Well..I could mention the fact that we had sun and blue skies 8 out of 8 days. Or the fact that we ate some of the best Puerto Rican food ,just steps from our hotel, for pennies on the dollar compared to other places in the carribean.

Or I could tell you about how the owner of the restaurant was one of the most gracious hosts we have ever come across, letting us stay past store hours to enjoy each other's company with a few cervezas. Oh, and we wouldn't want to leave out the fact that we had 8 straight days of riding mostly on 9 and 12 meter kites!!

But what we really want to tell you about is how 23 people came along on a trip to the Caribbean and had one hell of a time. The demographics could not be more varied. We had doctors, lawyers, car salesman, and college students. Ages ranged from 20 to 65 years of age, but it didn't matter. Everyone got along great and learned a lot from each other, whether it was learning to do a back roll from one of our instructors, or learning how to speak Spanish from one of the students who, by the way, was actually learning how to kite himself!

Here is a little breakdown of a typical day with the GLK crew in Puerto Rico: We would wake up and walk right down the street to some hot breakfast and fantastic coffee at El Manglaar (The Mangrove). After breakfast we would head to the dock, right at our hotel, and load up the boat with gear to head to the mangroves. If you dont know what "the mangroves" are, it is a group of tropical trees rooted to the coral reef out about a mile into the atlantic. It is shallow all around the mangroves and perfect for setting up a tent for shade.

What's nice about the mangroves is that it can be blowing 20 knots above your head but perfectly calm down at the water level! Pumping up the kites at the mangroves was a breeze. Our host, Luijo, would bring scuba tanks and pump up about 20 kites in 20 minutes! Luijo would also bring us delicious lunches everyday to refuel when we were tired from kiting all morning. After lunch we would launch again and it's off for another few hours of good kiting with friends. Can't beat that.

Once we all took showers and got cleaned up, we would head back to the manglaar for some mofongo and medellas. Some would retire early but most would stay up and enjoy the night and each other's company over a few beers (which, I might add, were only buck a piece). Then off to do it again the next day! Not a bad week, not a bad week at all. So if you want to come and enjoy a week in the sun and wind, either to learn how to kite, or to perfect that 40ft air, come do it with Great Lakes Kiteboarding. "We love what we do and we have a great time doing it"

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