Great Lakes Kiteboarding Repair Center
Repairing kites since the beginning
I have personally been riding the Great Lakes for the last 20 plus years (Windsurfing, Sailing, Kiteboarding). And it was important to get my sails repaired fast and done right. Luckily there was a sail loft right near me. Well these guys have been shaping and repairing sails for the last 40 years and started repairing all my windsurfing sails. You would never know where the repair was done, after that I would refer all the sail repairs to them.

Eventually in 1999 I got into Kiteboarding and it changed my life. Well, as a self taught beginner I went through a hellacious learning curve and inevitably tore lots of kites. So of course I went right to the sail loft and had my kites professionally repaired fast and sometimes as I waited.

I started Great Lakes Kiteboarding in 2001 and of course had lots of school kites to be repaired (most from being sucked up into the intake of our jet ski's). So the sail loft had lots of time repairing kites for me and as the word got out they were repairing more and more kites.

So with very few kite repair shops in the US I decided to take on the job of a Kite Repair Center!

Great Lakes Kiteboarding Repair Center:

We repair any type of Kite from foils to inflatable. We also do bladder repairs, replacements and installation.

We use only Airtime Bladders and the new Orange Bladders are stronger and lighter than traditional bladders.

Fast turn around time: We work night and day to get your kiteback to you faster than any kite repair center out there! If you're on the east coast or the surrounding Great Lakes region there's no need to ship you kite anywhere else.

If you're a local to our area and you need a kite repaired I can give you a demo kite to use until your kite is repaired. No other repair shop can offer you this much!

Great Lakes Kiteboarding Repair Center

Fast, reliable and professional repair.

Call 586-822 6511 for free estimates or e-mail me at

Brian LeFeve
Great Lakes Kiteboarding
22600 Greater Mack
St. Clair Shores MI 48080
586-822 6511

Great Lakes Kiteboarding II
211 Newman St.
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