The Outer Banks' (OBX) Hatteras Island is a watermans paradise. It's the perfect place for all water sports, especially kiteboarding. The wind and weather conditions are ideal for windsurfing, surfing, and stand up paddleboarding. These options along with hiking, kayaking, world class charter fishing, shipwreck diving, swimming and sunbathing, are among the many reasons GLK organizes this trip year after year. 

GLK Hatteras Trip April 8th - 15th
Details about the trip below...... 



Lodging and Weather in April



Price for lodging will be between $350 and $450 per room depending on the type of room you would like. Great Lakes Surf will need your payment in full by March 1st with no exceptions. We typically book the same houses for this trip year after year. We know the area so well that distance to kite locations, affordability, cleanliness, and comfort are never a question. We typically end up renting up to 4 houses and we'll figure out who goes where upon signing up.

Did we mention the Atlantic gently roaring to the east and the vast shallow bay of the Pamlico Sound to the west? Beach front, hot tub, complete kitchens and game room. Meals are sometimes shared, sometimes private or sometimes at a local restaurant. 



The weather and winds that time of month can vary from 50 degrees and 40mph to 80 degrees and 15mph. With that in mind you will need to bring the following things:


1. Every kite and board you own. (7m-14m) 

2. Full steamer wetsuit and shorty (5/3mm-2mm) 

3. Booties and mitts. 

4. Warm and cold weather clothes ( jackets, hats, gloves, shorts and t's ) 

5. Sunscreen 

6. Towels 




SUP Rentals and Kiteboarding Lessons 


Rent a Stand Up Paddleboard for the week! 

 Perfect for surfing or a relaxing paddle in the Pamlico Sound. Let us know if you're interested.


GLK will be offering the following Kiteboarding Lessons while in Hatteras. (Lessons need to be booked by March 1st).



3 Day Camp. Price $699. 

Learn from the longest running school in Michigan. Over the last 12 years we have developed a lesson program that will make you a safe, self sufficient and confident kiteboarder. This camp is designed for the total beginner from trainer kite time, rigging and tuning an inflatable, all the safety releases, self launching, self rescuing and self launching. Then we get into the water for some body dragging with your instructor dragging behind you the whole time. From there we will go through the basics of getting up and riding, edging and proper stance. After you learn the basics you will be doing many downwinders with your instructor riding with you the whole way down. By the end of our 3 day camp you will be up and riding and feeling totally confident.

The best part of learning with GLK in Hatteras is that you will be staying with Kiteboarders for 7 days who all have the same passion for this incredible sport!!


2 Day Camp. Price $499. 

This camp is designed for the beginner kiteboarder who is having difficulties with riding, kite handling, board skills, self launching, self rescuing or self landing. We will cater to your needs with this Camp. Don't forget in this class we will also be doing many downwinders in which the instructor can pinpoint what you need to work on and also show you first hand.


Private Day Lesson Price $299 (beginner-intermediate). 

So you want to learn to transition? Kiteloop? Backroll? Ride waves? You tell us what you want to accomplish and we will get you there, guaranteed.


Hourly. Price $75hr. (beginner-intermediate-advance). 

If you're having trouble with any part of your riding or tricks let us break it down and get you there!!


GLK will supply all the gear needed for the Camps. If you have your own gear then we highly recommend bringing it with you!




2016 Hatteras Trip April 8th - 15th



Please call Great Lakes Surf Shop to sign up! 586-359-6951





GLK Week ~ The Tradition Continues

GLK will be doing our annual Kiteboarding trip April 8th-15th. Last year was an absolute blast! Our group logged many miles of epic downwinders on the ocean side and sound side. Our ocean side downwinders were pretty sick because we would ride right to our house, grab and beer and jump right into the hot tub....then we would do it again ;-)!!! The GLK Hatteras trip gets better and better every year mainly because of the diverse group of people who all have one incredible addiction...Kiteboarding!








You can register here or just give us a call.  http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event;jsessionid=8A5025707E81A4FB794A90409A3A7557.worker_registrant?llr=t4r5conab&oeidk=a07eah26ycrd18ba340