Snow Kite Lessons



If you haven't seen it on TV or read it in any of the major magazines, kiteboarding is the fastest growing extreme sport in the world. They say it is growing faster than skateboarding, surfing or any other extreme sport out there. Learning to snow kite is fun, easy and very accessible. No more lift tickets or lift lines. Just throw on a snowboard or skis, grab your kite and find a frozen lake or field with snow, and you will soon be cutting your way through powder trails.


GLK has been snowkiting for the last 10 years and we have developed a lesson program that will have you ripping in no time. We will teach you how to be a safe, self sufficient and confident snowkiter.


No other school has as much experience and knowledge then GLK. For the last 10 years we have lived and breathed Kiteboarding, it is our passions and it shows! So if you’re interested in the rush of Kiteboarding look no further and contact GLK today!

Check out this sick snowkite trailer:



Contact Brian LeFeve at 586-822-6511 for more info or drop us a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Group Lessons
We offer a 4-5 hour group lesson for the beginner. We begin by understanding the wind window and how it affects the kite. We then go through safety precautions, learning how to fly a trainer kite, kite setup and tuning, launching and landing. Next, you're ready to combine the two. So throw your skis or snowboard on and you're ready to go explore the sport of snow kiting.
2 person group with one instructor $249 per person.
GLK supplies kite's and harness. The student will need to bring their own ski's or snowboard. If you dotn have one we can supply a snow board but you will need your own boots.
Private Lessons
Private lessons are available for both beginners and those kiters looking to advance their skills from water to snow. $299 4-5 hrs.
Lessons are available on Cass Lake, Orchard Lake, and Stony Creek Metro Park.
Please call me (586.822.6511) or visit the Contact page on this website. Fill out the form and let me know if you are interested in signing up for snow kiting. You will be contacted when the conditions are right. We have to wait until the ice and snow surface is safe, normally late December through March.