Private Lessons


GLK is now in its 13th season for training and we have developed an amazing lesson program to make you a safe, confident and self sufficient kiteboarder.

GLK Ground Training: $99 (2hrs.)

This introduction into Kiteboarding covers the wind window and how it adversely affects the kite.  You will learn how to fly a small trainer kite and know how to work the kite for power. We will also go over how to rig and tune an inflatable kite and know all the safety features on the kite itself.

GLK Water Training: $299 (5hrs)

In this course you will learn how to be self sufficient and when you learn how to be self sufficient you will also gain confidents in this sport. We teach you how to self launch from a beach, grass and how to properly drift launch. We will also show you how to self rescue. Most kiters don’t even know how to self launch or self land / self rescue. This is more important than riding and most schools in the country still do not teach this important aspect of the sport. We then go over getting the board on and how to get up on the board properly. Then you will learn the correct stance on the board while riding.

GLK Advanced Lesson’s: $75 an hour

Are you looking to step your riding up to the next level? Are you tired of just mowing the lawn on you session? Let GLK boost your riding. Weather you want to learn how to jump properly or do your first back roll we can get you there. Our professional instructors actually ride with you and demonstrate proper form and technique for the move you want to learn. While riding right behind you we can visually see what you are doing wrong and easily help you correct the move. Learn how to do your first jump, back rolls, forward rolls, s-bends, grabs, board off’s, kiteloops and many more. You tell us what you want to learn and GLK will get you there.