GLK Kite Camps


GLK 2 and 3 Day Camps

Great Lakes Kiteboarding School is the longest running school in Michigan and is regarded as one of the best Kiteboarding schools in the US. Our kite camps are now in the 15th season. We have designed the ultimate teaching program to make you a safe, confident and self sufficient kiteboarder. GLK has 30 years combined teaching with just two of our professional instructors, no other Kiteboarding school in Michigan can come close to the experience of GLK. We will be teaching on the latest Slingshot kites and the Slingshot boards for the ultimate learning experience.

At GLK we have a different approach to teaching then most schools. We believe that there is a huge responsibility in being an instructor and training students. When you sign up for any camp, lesson or advance lesson with GLK and there is no wind then we simply re-schedule. If we only get 2 hrs in on a private lesson then we make up the rest of the training when there is wind. If you only get one day in on a 2 day camp then we totally make up the other day at either of our 2 locations (Lake St. Clair or Tawas). We find it irresponsible for any school to take a students money and not give a proper lesson. There are many schools that actually push students to get gear even though that didn’t get any water time. You can learn a little from verbal teaching but there is no substitute for time on the water! We at GLK will always be there for you and will go out of our way to provide you with the best support and service around.

We believe in a more personalized service. Our camps limit up to 8 students with 4 professional PASA certified instructors ( 2 students per instructor ). It's as close as you can get to a one on one lesson. We teach you responsible kiting because we regard the highest standard for safety in this sport. Respecting the kite and what it is capable of is far more important.


GLK camps are taken at Tawas Point State Park. Tawas is not only the best spot in Michigan but one of the best Kiteboarding spots in the US!! Tawas can be ridden on any wind direction. Tawas Bay is where we take our students, its shallow and protected from waves and chop so you are learning in waist deep water with a sandy bottom. This is the ultimate place in the country to learn this amazing sport. I started Kiting Tawas 16 years ago and I have not found a spot that compares.

If you decide to take a camp or private lesson from GLK we recommend purchasing or renting a trainer kite from us. Having the trainer kite handling under your belt before a camp or lesson will speed up the progression of your training. Normally we will spend up to 2-2.5 hours training on a trainer kite before going to the next step. So if you have the trainer kite down you will be able to get more time on the water. We offer the Slingshot B-2 Trainer Kite for $119. The kite comes complete with bar, lines and an instructional DVD. Here is a link to the B-2 trainer kite video.....


GLK also offers 15% off a kiteboarding package ( kite, board and harness ) When you take a 2 or 3 day camp.

GLK is looking forward to getting you started in this amazing sport so book your camp or private lesson today!

******* GLK will be offering our 2 and 3 day camps during the weekday's in Tawas. If your interested in a weekday camp please call us at 586 822 6511 or 586 359-6951. We look forward to accommodating your schedule.

Summer 2017 Schedule

*******GLK offers Camps and Lessons 7 days a week 

Weekend Camp Dates.










22-23 & 29-30











23-24 & 30-1







GLK now offers advanced lessons to those looking to step it up to the next level. Whatever you’re looking to accomplish GLK can get you there from throwing your first jump to back rolls, front rolls, S-bends, grabs, board offs, kite loops, surface handle passes and others. GLK has the experience and knowledge to get you at the level you want to be.


Kite Camp Rates

2 Day Camp in Tawas $499

3 Day Camp in Tawas $699


  • 2 or 3 day class at Tawas Point State Par

  • Equipment

    • Kites
    • Kiteboards
    • Life Vest
    • Harness

Things to Bring:

  • Towel

  • SPF Lotion

  • Water shoes or sandals

  • Lunch for both days

  • Wetsuit. GLK sells wetsuits, booties, gloves and accessories at our St. Clair Shores location. Sorry we do not rent wetsuits as they are more of a personal item ( Like renting underwear.....yuck ;-) 

Where to stay (Tawas location):

For a great lodging experience check out the Mai Tiki Resort just 10 min. north of Tawas State Park on Lake Huron.

Special discount rates for kite school students.

Mai Tiki Resort

For local camping check out Tawas Pointe State Park

Tawas Pointe State Park Camping

Tawas Pointe State Park Camping

For a local hotel check out Tawas Bay Beach Resort

For more lodging info check out:



Advanced Reservations Required
Contact: Brian LeFeve
586. 359-6951 or 586-822-6511

Private one-on-one lessons available locally at various locations: (Metro Beach, Harsens Island, Port Huron, Lexington, Tawas)

Private One-on-one Lesson Rates

  • $299 (4-5 hrs)

Group (2 Person) Lesson Rates

  • $249 per person (4-5hrs)

All lessons include equipment

Kite snow lessons available in winter.

Kiteboarding in Michigan

Lesson Program:


1. Ground Training
Understanding the wind window, beach etiquette, safty issues, trainer kite, kite setup, line management, attachment tips, launching and landing. You will be able to self-launch and land the kite with confidence.

2. Water Training
Relaunching from the water, body drags, getting up on a board, basic riding and self-rescue.

3. Double up time
Self-launching from the beach, self-landing, more riding. Learning how to edge, ride both directions, stance, riding over powered and changing directions.


Reinforce first day's lesson, working on board control,body positioning, edging, riding upwind and transitions.


Everybody's progression is different. We offer you the safest way to kite and give you the tools to be safe, confident and self sufficient kiteboarder. With that its all time on the water. GLK highly recommends getting gear either before or after your camp or lesson. This is the only way to progress and hone your skills that you leaned.

GLK offers 15% off on a kiteboarding set up ( kite, bar, kiteboard and harness ) When you take a 2 or 3 day camp.

Hours may vary


Great Lakes Kiteboarding Addresses

Tawas GLK Shop:

Tawas Point State Park

686 Tawas Beach Rd.

East Tawas, Mi 48730

586 822 6511

St. Clair GLK Shop:

23517 Nine Mack Dr.
 St. Clair Shores, MI 48080

586 359-6951