Kite Spots

These are some of my favorite kite spots. Please read each area carefully and make sure it's right for you and your ability level. Kite safe and always have fun.



Wind Directions - N, NE, E, SE, S

The shoreline in Oscoda runs due north and south, so there is good exposure on any north wind. Swells can get big here on a north and northeast. Sandy shoreline and bottom with few sandbars close to shore but is predominatly deep. This spot is 50 yards from доставка букетов Омск so I would stay away from due easterlys.

Directions - Noth of town, locals call this beach 3 mile beach.
Park anywhere on the side of the road.


Tawas Point

Wind Directions - N, E, SE, S, SW

This is one of my all time favorite spots for kiting, steady wind shallow water and a very large beach. Tawas point curves out into lake Huron and is exposed to thermos throughout the summer. When the land heats it pulls in south easterlys around 12:00 and usally lasts untill evening. The water level is up this year so there are very few sandbars.

Dangers - Please stay as far away from the swimming area, last year someone was showing off down there and got dragged up onto the beach. We dont need to lose this spot its perfect for kiting and there are hundreds of yards of beach. Best bet is to park at the very end parking lot and walk over the dunes to the beach then head south away from the swimming beach. My friend used to walk all the way out to the point when he was learning just to be safe.


Tawas Bay

Wind Directions - SW, W, NW

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For years the bay has been shallow but kiteable. This year with the water levels up, its going to rip. Along the inside of the point, sand reefs protect dead flat bays that are great for speed runs and loading up for big jumps.


Wind Directions - N, NE, E, SE

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Launch south of the breakwall on northerlies. This place can produce some giant waves on big north wind. Waves wrap around the breakwall and are very glassy due to the marina jetty blocking the wind for 200 yards out. Sandy launch area and shallow protected water on the inside makes for one of my favorite spots.

Dangers - I do not reccomend this spot for beginners. If you get downwinded there are alot of boulders and rocks which make it difficult to get out. On a SE the north side of the breakwall is safe if you get pulled down the shore.


Port Huron (Kraft Road)

Wind Directions - E, SE

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Great beach for kiteboarding. Downwinders on north winds can be epic. Drive up to Lakeport State Park for an incredible 7 mile downwinder back to Kraft road. Playing in the waves the whole way down can make you respect the surf side to kiteboarding. I rarely pitch my kite when doing these downwinders... I'm having too much fun slashing off the top of a cresting waves!

Metro Beach

Wind Directions - E, SE, S

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Metro beach was one of the first kite spots in the Metro area. Spring southerlies work the best. Warm air being pushed up by the cold water produces some of the best hangtimes I have ever experienced. The downside is onshore winds can push you into the rock seawall surrounding metro. Beginers should stay to the west end by the bay to avoid being pushed into the rocks.


Harsens Island

Wind Directions - S, SW, W, NW, N

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This is one of my favorite spots. Travis Kelly and I went looking for a new spot to kite on westerlies. We were blown away when we found this place. It is located on Muskamoot Bay and is 4 feet deep almost all the way across. There is a channel that runs through the Bay but is pretty narrow. This place works best on SW and W winds, very steady and a straight shot across the bay. South winds are offshore and tricky to launch but once you get out you will find dead flat water and rock steady winds. When you get past the point you will be in the middle of Lake St.Clair with nothing blocking the wind, heading directly toward Metro Beach.

NW and North winds can also be slightly gusty but great direction for going down into the bay where it can be dead flat behind the marsh islands or going up and around the south tip and to Gull Island. This place is great for exploring I have found some great secluded dead flat coves and I am excited to find more. Go explore!

Location - ALgonac 23 mile road east to the Harsens Island ferry. When you get off the ferry take 154 south all the way till it ends.

Dangers - The locals tell me the bay is filled with boaters on the weekends in the summer. Also you have to walk over some small rocks going into the water, after that its all sand bottom.

Have fun and kite safe.