Event: Tawas Bay Kite Festival 2007 - Breeze on the Bay

When: June 2 & 3

The Free family event will feature:

  • Single-string flying
  • Kiteboarding demo through GLK
  • Night Flight
  • Beach BBQ
  • Kids Kite-Flying Workshop
  • Live Bands
  • Flying Giants
  • ..and more

For more info on the Kite Festival call the Bay City Times: 989-895-3519

Event: 1st Annual Great Lakes Kiteboarding Competition

When: August 17, 18 & 19

Where: Tawas

This is a free Kiteboarding competition for Great Lakes riders. We will
feature a big air, kiter cross and freestyle expression session.

Call 586-822-6511 or go to the contact page to register.

Event: 4th Annual Kitemare Bash

When: October 12th, 13th & 14th

Where: Mai Tiki Resort www.maitikiresort.com

Don't miss this one, its filled with lots of riding drinking and partying. The last 3 events went off big time so come and enjoy the activities and don't forget to wear a costume.

Event: Kiter cross, kicker and slider competition and freestyle expression session.

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